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Functional Muscle Fitness


Bronco Strong Strength & Conditioning, powered by Functional Muscle Fitness, sole purpose is to provide a professional and intensive training platform that will provide each student athlete with the opportunity to succeed both in and out of their sport.

Bronco Strong Philosophy

Strength and Conditioning at Northgate High School focuses on enhancing each athlete’s athleticism through our development and sport specific training methodologies. By focusing on proper lifting technique, sprint mechanics, power transfer, jumping and complex movement’s athletes will decrease muscular imbalances and weaknesses while enhancing their strength and power. Through dedication and hard work to the Bronco Strong program Northgate student athletes will experience improvements in their strength, muscular endurance, explosiveness, power, and their ability to react and move dynamically.

Program Information

The programs are seasonally based and are aimed at developing all aspects of athletic performance. Depending on the development of the team and phase they are in, this is a typical layout for each session;

  • Begins with a dynamic warm up that targets each athlete’s neurological system through coordination and mobility.
  • Agility / Plyo / Speed – depending on the session & sport and overall athlete development. Each team will work specific drills according to the demands/characteristics of their sport
  • Power movements to emphasize hip extension (power transfer) are essential for every sport. Basic principles are emphasized, before resistance is added.      
  • Complex multi-joint movements will be performed as well as isolation movements that focus heavily on building general strength and injury prevention.
  • Each training sessions concludes with Mobility that targets the Lumbo Pelvic hip Complex as well as upper body range of motion. 

Athlete Overview

Year One – Freshman

  • Begin level one program… focuses on technique, mobility, symmetry, hip stability & neurological coordination (i.e. body awareness)

Year Two – Sophomore

  • Begin Level Two Program… focuses on technique, mobility, symmetry and total body strength… overload principle begins

Year Three – Junior

  • Level Three & Sport Program… strength, power, mobility & hip stability… performance and injury prevention

Year Four – Senior

  • Level Three & Sport Program… strength, power, mobility & hip stability… performance and injury prevention

Press Release

Northgate High School and Functional Muscle Fitness Partner to Create Bronco Strong Strength and Conditioning Program
June 15, 2017

Walnut Creek, CA – Functional Muscle Fitness Inc. of Concord, CA is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Northgate High School for the sole purpose of creating and facilitating the schools Strength and Conditioning Department for all student athletes.

“We are ready to build a foundation of sport specific training to improve all athletes at all levels,” said Doctor Earle Paynton, Northgate High School’s Athletic Director.

The Strength and Conditioning program, now coined, “Bronco Strong, powered by Functional Muscle Fitness” will focus on increasing all student athlete’s speed, agility, strength & power while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of injury.

Vice Principal in charge of Athletics Ben Campopiano had this to say about the partnership. “We are excited to partner with Functional Muscle Fitness to help improve our student-athletes’ strength, conditioning, flexibility, mobility, and health. Mark Wine and FMF are leaders in the industry, and this partnership is an enormous benefit for our student-athletes, coaches, and athletic programs.”

Functional Muscle Fitness will service the student-athletes through a team of highly specialized performance coaches, two of which are Northgate Alumni. The programs focus will be on the development of each athlete through scientifically proven exercise techniques while emphasizing discipline and work ethic.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with passionate and professional coaches in the advancement of the Northgate Student athlete. It is has been a personal goal of mine to give back to the school I attended and provide the athletes with the type of training and discipline that can take them to the next level,” said Coach Mark Wine, CEO of Functional Muscle Fitness Inc.