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Early Release

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01/12/18 Boys Soccer Frosh/Soph 2:10pm
01/19/18 Boys Soccer Frosh/Soph 2:10pm
01/19/18 Boys Basketball Freshman 2:30pm
01/26/18 Boys Soccer Fosh/Soph 2:10pm
02/07/18 Boys Soccer Frosh/Soph 2:10pm
02/09/18 Boys Soccer Frosh/Soph 2:10pm
03/16/18 Boys Swimming JV 1:30pm
03/16/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
03/16/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:30pm
03/08/18 Baseball Varsity 12:15pm
03/16/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
03/17/18 Boys Swimming JV 1:45pm
03/17/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:45pm
03/17/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:45pm
03/17/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:45pm
05/03/18 Boys Swimming JV 12:15pm
05/03/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 12:15pm
05/03/18 Girls Swimming JV 12:15pm
05/03/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 12:15pm
02/23/18 Wrestling* Varsity Full Day
03/06/18 Girls Lacrosse JV 2:00pm
03/06/18 Girls Lacrosse Varsity 2:00pm
03/06/18 Baseball JV 2:15pm
03/08/18 Baseball JV 2:15pm
03/08/18 Softball Varsity 1:45pm
03/09/18 Softball Varsity 2:45pm
03/14/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
03/16/18 Softball Varsity 2:00pm
03/20/18 Softball Varsity 2:15pm
03/22/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
03/29/18 Softball Varsity 1:45pm
04/06/18 Softball Varsity TBA
04/07/18 Softball Varsity TBA
04/10/18 Softball Varsity 2:00pm
04/12/18 Softball Varsity 1:45pm
04/17/18 Softball Varsity 2:00pm
04/19/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
04/24/18 Softball Varsity 2:00pm
04/26/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
05/01/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
05/03/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
05/08/18 Softball Varsity 2:00pm
05/10/18 Softball Varsity 2:30pm
05/15/18 Softball Varsity 2:15pm
05/17/18 Softball Varsity 2:15pm
03/12/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:00pm
03/15/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
03/26/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
03/28/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
04/09/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
04/10/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:05pm
04/19/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
04/26/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
04/30/18 Boys Golf Varsity 7:45am
05/07/18 Boys Golf Varsity All Day
03/12/18 Girls Lacrosse Frosh 2:45pm
03/30/18 Girls Lacrosse Frosh 2:30pm
03/09/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
03/14/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
03/20/18 Baseball Varsity 1:15pm
03/23/18 Baseball Varsity 1:15pm
04/03/18 Baseball Varsity 8:00am
04/04/18 Baseball Varsity 8:00am
04/17/18 Baseball Varsity 1:30pm
04/24/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
05/15/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
05/17/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
03/27/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
04/12/18 Boys Golf Varsity 2:15pm
03/12/18 Baseball JV 2:45pm
03/14/18 Baseball JV 2:45pm
03/16/18 Baseball JV 2:45pm
03/20/18 Baseball JV 2:45pm
03/22/18 Baseball JV 2:45pm
03/28/18 Baseball JV 2:15pm
04/10/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/11/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/12/18 Baseball JV 2:00pm
04/17/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/18/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/19/18 Baseball JV 1:45pm
04/23/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/24/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
04/26/18 Baseball JV 1:45pm
05/01/18 Baseball JV 2:00pm
05/03/18 Baseball JV 1:45pm
05/08/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
05/10/18 Baseball JV 2:00pm
05/15/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
05/17/18 Baseball JV 2:30pm
03/14/18 Baseball Freshman 2:45pm
03/23/18 Baseball Freshman 2:45pm
04/12/18 Baseball Freshman 2:30pm
04/17/18 Baseball Freshman 1:30pm
04/19/18 Baseball Freshman 2:30pm
04/20/18 Baseball Freshman 2:00pm
05/03/18 Baseball Freshman 2:30pm
03/14/18 Boys Swimming JV 1:45pm
03/14/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:45pm
03/14/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:45pm
03/14/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:45pm
03/06/18 Boys Tennis JV 2:00pm
03/20/18 Boys Tennis JV 2:00pm
04/10/18 Boys Tennis JV 2:00pm
03/13/18 Boys Tennis Varsity Cancelled/Weather
03/15/18 Boys Tennis Varsity 2:00pm
03/29/18 Boys Tennis Varsity 2:00pm
04/17/18 Boys Tennis Varsity 2:00pm
04/19/18 Boys Tennis Varsity 2:00pm
03/12/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
03/16/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
03/27/18 Baseball Varsity 2:10pm
04/10/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
04/19/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
04/26/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
05/01/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
05/03/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
05/10/18 Baseball Varsity 2:30pm
03/21/18 Boys Swimming JV 1:30pm
03/21/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
03/21/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:30pm
03/21/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
03/22/18 Boys Tennis JV 2:00pm
03/29/18 Baseball JV 2:00pm
03/30/18 Baseball JV 2:00pm
03/26/18 Baseball Varsity 1:30pm
03/28/18 Track and Field JV 1:30pm
03/28/18 Track and Field Varsity 1:30pm
04/27/18 Track and Field JV 9:45am
04/27/18 Track and Field Varsity 9:45am
04/09/18 Baseball Varsity 1:45pm
04/24/18 Track and Field Frosh/Soph Girls 1:30pm
04/24/18 Track and Field Frosh/Soph Boys 1:30pm
04/28/18 Track and Field Varsity Girls 1:30pm
04/28/18 Track and Field Varsity Boys 1:30pm
04/10/18 Lacrosse JV Girls 2:20pm
04/13/18 Volleyball Varsity Boys 2:30pm
04/13/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:30pm
04/13/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
04/13/18 Boys Swimming JV 1:30pm
04/13/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
04/25/18 Girls Swimming JV 1:30pm
04/25/18 Girls Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
04/2518 Boys Swimming JV 1:30pm
04/25/18 Boys Swimming Varsity 1:30pm
04/24/18 Boys Tennis JV 2:00pm

Early Release is a privilege that student-athletes in good standing earn so that they can leave class early to attend their athletic events. Teachers are not required to dismiss student-athletes for Early Release if they feel the student has not earned that privilege. Student-athletes should ask their teachers prior to the day of the event if they can be excused for Early Release at the designated time, and should promptly make up all missed work if released.


* Partial Group for Early Release; More Info at Attendance Office.