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Eric Griffin Award


In 1975, Eric Griffin died of complications from Chicken Pox during his freshman year at Northgate High School. He played football, basketball, and track and made a huge impact on the school and community. Since then, the Northgate Athletic Department honors Griffin's life each year by selecting one male and female student-athlete as Eric Griffin Award winners.

To be eligible for the prestigious award, a student-athlete must participate in multiple sports, earn above a 3.0 grade point average, and show excellent effort, sportsmanship, and conduct. Additionally, the student-athlete must be a team leader who makes others better through their example and encouragement. This is the most significant athletic award given at Northgate High School.

2023 Tade Scheid Colin Parker
2022 Jaley Croy Aidan Sunbury
2021 Caroline Welch Adam Burkes
2020 Eden Broussard Cole Sanchez
2018 Amanda Sabir German Acosta
2017 Carlie Polkinghorn Sean Garrigan
2016 Tatum Turetzky Ian Morford
2015 Rebecca Dong Floyd Armenta
2014 Valerie Wirfel Jake Smith
2013 Kelly Carson Jimmy Sharpe
2012 Georgia Barnes Connor Jean
2011 Tess Soper Johnathan Kruger
2010 Mia Tittle Alex Gordon
2009 Kelly Peterson Jack Cartwright
2008 Afia Bonner Nick Guros
2007 Libby Trenkwalder Clark Dolliver
2006 Claire Ely Scott Sorenson
2005 Julia Thomas Justin Bellamy
2004 Jacqui Trenkwalder Dan Mussell, Chris Mussell, Scott Mussell
2003 Annie Goldsmith Caleb Bragg
2002 Claire Fisher Stephen Smith
2001 Jennifer Jardine Mike Chapman
2000 Natalie Lue Rick Alborg
1999 Mika Ito Drew Fay
1998 Rachelle Hanft, Drusilla Hanft Zach Minor
1997 Cindy Glover Craig Johnson
1996 Chrissie Cattalini Frank Allocco Jr.
1995 Michel Martinez Matt Harden
1994 Rachel Huang Charlie Litten
1993 Chrissy O'Brien Lou Caballero
1992 Angela York Duncan Wilk
1991 Theresa Buhlman Brad Johnson
1990 Becky Kopchik Kyle Noone
1989 Adrina Hollie Mike Rossi
1988 Susan Robie John Kopchik
1987 Julie Sinclair Bob Krieger
1986 Carolyn Kempker Mike Bonetti
1985 Amy Hartman Mike Connors
1984 Sara Sorenson Tom Schulting
1983 Kathy Morris Ricky Meyer
1982 Jeanette Albertson Tom Challis
1981 Valerie Flemming Alex Lanham
1980 Jill Hanson Steve Skaggs
1979 Cynthia Fernandez Mariet Ford
1978 Laura Herring Tom Fenner
1977 Pete Richardson
1976 Pat Wallace